The Alternative Press Lives Here

Vantage Points

Welcome to Summit Press! We are an eyewitness news publication that provides our subscribers with unique and in many cases, unparalleled content. The team at Summit Press seeks to reach higher and achieve the apex in journalism in order to counter the failed system in place that many people receive news.

In 21st century America, it is a lot easier to hear the stories you want to hear, and ignore those that may make you uncomfortable. At Summit, we believe that integrity driven news requires an attachment to the facts. We deliver the content you want, in its most raw and real form. The truth is from those who experience, and we wish to experience the news as it happens. Pew Research finds that 61% of Millennials prefer to get their news from social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter rather than print.

Our correspondent teams have gone to newsworthy events, rallies and protests throughout southern California, and were even assaulted at one point. We’re tired of seeing the mainstream media cater to people’s individual interests and what does best for “Ratings”. We provide our subscribers with HD footage from the events as they happen, and we give an analysis that we believe is thought provoking.

We wish to present emotionally driven and substantive reporting without the emotion or bias. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution outlines specific rights to the “Free Press” which assures their ability to report the facts without fear of negative repercussions. Cornell University does a great job overviewing and defining “The Press.” Today, the free press is no longer a powerful force in mainstream media.

It is much more common to see skewed and one-sided perspectives that feed into a pre-existing political perspective that thrives on reinforcement. Fox News caters to right-leaning viewers while MSNBC takes a hard left. The Millennial generation is faced with the challenge of sifting through thousands of articles and news posts that lack substance, facts, and truthfulness. The press is not free if those who claim to represent it fail to keep it free from tainted and biased reporting. We are the alternative press because we want to be the eyes of the people, therefore it is in our best interest to capture the truth.

Objectivism is one of the leading motivators to a successful society, therefore we encourage our readers to object and to think for themselves.

Our opinion Section takes written content from many bi-partisan contributors and is formatted in a manner that presents facts along with an analysis and commentary. We purposely may take a hard-line stance on some issues as we wish to provoke critical thinking and allow our readers to respond.

Thank You &  Enjoy The Site!




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