San Diego Trump Rally Sparks Protests

The latest Trump rally in San Diego proved to be a highly anticipated and well-attended event. Estimated attendee numbers were in the 20,000 according to Trump staffers, and the wait lines were massive. The event took place at the San Diego Convention Center with standing room only.

Our team arrived on scene around 10:00AM and experienced a large presence of law enforcement from both San Diego County and Metropolitan Police. Sarah Palin provided an intro speech followed by statements by various Trump campaign members and leaders. Donald Trump arrived on scene at his anticipated time and began going through his usual campaign sequences. Trump expressed support for law enforcement and veterans, while bringing up and elaborating on a court case that was recently receiving media attention. Trump criticized the Federal Court systems and sent a few jabs towards the Justice handling his civil case with Trump University. Eventually, he finished his speech and a large crowd moved its way towards the exit. Tensions could be seen outside the facility around the time of closure. Upon the opening of the exit doors to the event, San Diego Law Enforcement created a buffer zone for protesters which ensured the safety of eventgoers.


As our team left the event, we noticed several groups of individuals carrying Mexican flags, and an interesting situation could be seen. There appeared to be two different groups of protestors, one which was seeking a peaceful resistance, and another which seemed much more interested in causing distress and uproar. A clear indication of the group’s intentions came from their physical appearance, as one group wore masks and hoods while the other wore bright shirts and carried signs. At one point, law enforcement got involved and resorted to using batons and pushing protestors out of the buffer zone.

The most interesting thing is that an eye-witness report states that the Telemundo reporter staged protestors for a shot on the news network. The Rebel Pundit provided a short film of the reporter from Telemundo which our team actually met before the event. While we can not confirm that any reporting was staged, our team is always on the lookout to ensure the integrity of media for our subscribers. The rally definitely created outrage for some, while encouraging others. Trump’s rhetoric may be leaning moderate, but the protests continue. The 2016 general election will be a unique time for our country. With whatever happens, we will be on the scene, covering our local election news as it happens.

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