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South OC Brush Fire Threatened Homes

Around 1:00PM on June 15th 2016, a piece of gardening equipment malfunctioned, leading to a fire that engulfed 30+ acres in Laguna Niguel and areas of San Juan Capistrano. Summit Press was on the scene to record and capture the events as they happened.


Multiple road closures caused delays and significant traffic throughout parts of San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Niguel, and Mission Viejo. Fire crews worked through the afternoon to help put out the raging flames as they potentially threatened many hilltop homes. The fire made several runs on hills beside Interstate 5.

At least 90 Firefighters from the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) were involved in creating lines and providing structure protection to the homes threatened by this fire. OCFA also utilized its air assets to provide over a dozen water drops on the affected area to ensure the flames were thoroughly neutralized. Residents throughout the San Juan community were observing the events from a distance as the flames could be seen moving up a hillside.DSC_0470

Events like this can provide some insight into the dry summer ahead. As conditions continue to remain dry for much of southern California, residents should be prepared for an increase in fire prevalence. While the Laguna Niguel Fire may be contained, the situation could’ve gotten out of hand if it weren’t for the active response from OCFA. By watching for potential fuel and keeping dead leaves out of the vicinity of ones property, fire risks are greatly reduced.

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