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San Diego PD Threatens Homeless Feeding

26690482774_e437898c3b_oAccording to a new report by CityBeat, the San Diego Police Department is threatening a nonprofit for feeding homeless residents. Pastor James Merino, the Executive Director of a  locally based non-profit, was told that ‘the hammer would be brought down’ on his organization for feeding homeless during the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on July 10th.

Merino claims that after several emails and communications with the Downtown San Diego Partnership, he was invited to a meeting on February 12th. Upon entering the meeting, Marino saw multiple members of the San Diego Police Department, specifically Captain Chuck Kaye in attendance. The meeting could be seen in many ways as an organized ‘family intervention’ against the group that has been helping the homeless of San Diego for years. Captain Kaye seemed very upset and dissatisfied with Mr. Merino’s declining to stop a two day a week food sharing program.

Merino reported that the meeting ‘became tense’ and it essentially turned into various people from these stakeholder corporate groups providing him an ultimatum to change or face the ‘full extent of the law’.

The San Diego PD and these individuals are utilizing mob tactics to influence and control. We will be pushing for public records and further information into this situation as the MLB all-star game approaches. Stay tuned for edits and updates to this article as the situation progresses.

-Lead Correspondent

Taylor Samuelson


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