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Abortion Laws Don’t Represent The People

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From LA to NYC, abortion is still a topic of debate among Americans. The definitive answer on when life begins is discussed by people from all walks of life and across political aisles. When discussing abortion with left leaning individuals, there are still discrepancies as to when a fetus is no longer a clump of cells. If this issue is unclear, and the interpretations of where the line should be drawn are so complex on both sides, why have policymakers already decided for us? Currently there are 7 states including the District of Columbia settled on this issue, allowing partial birth abortions.

According to Elisha Krauss with Prager University, European policy on abortion in many cases is much more conservative than US policy. The report outlines how Europe has implemented restrictions on partial-birth abortions, and most abortions past 22 weeks are banned or scrutinized by a government agency. The reason that abortion in European countries is regulated as it is today, is not because they lean more pro-life, but rather want to properly represent their citizens. The United States has elected officials that are in office to represent the american populous regardless of political party. If representatives do not represent the difference of opinion on abortion, they are not doing their jobs right.

The Democratic party has internal discrepancies when defining an abortions legality, as does the Republican party. According to Jennifer Rubin with the Washington Post, The DNC holds a ‘Radical’ party platform on the interpretation of Roe V. Wade. Keep in mind the Washington Post is no friend to the GOP, as they were banned from reporting on the Trump campaign. Jennifer Harper with The Washington Times analyzed several polls that show an interesting trend. The analysis showed 81 percent of americans, and 66 percent of pro-choice advocates would place some kind of restriction on abortion. Gallup Polling, the leader in scientific national polling shows a similar divided trend. According to polls taken in May 2016, 50 Percent of Americans believe abortion should be legal with some restrictions, 19 Percent said it should be entirely illegal, and only 29 percent said it should be legal under any circumstances. Having all these numbers taken into account, politicians are ignoring a whopping 69 percent with ‘legal under any circumstances’ abortion policies. The 2 percent of individuals who had no opinion, (according to trends) would most likely agree with the 50% majority. krpqi8ubmk2xw2sspaw1vq

It is irresponsible for elected leaders to ignore the views of our nation, especially on such a divisive and emotionally driven issue. Whether someone is pro-life or pro-choice, this issue is being misrepresented by our government and it needs to change. Europe understands how to properly represent its citizens, but it seems the american idea of a representative republic is becoming irrelevant.

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