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Dispatch #1 -The World At Large

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Summit Press will be starting a series covering the most significant events happening across the world. Each #Dispatch will cover one month of newsworthy events that impact our community and those abroad. The goal of this series is to provide our subscribers with information which is free from bias and misrepresented truth. We include a short analysis by our correspondence team that sheds some light as to how we feel about each issue.


Orlando Terrorist Attack [06.13.16] – At approximately 2:02 a.m. ET Sunday: Shooting erupts at Pulse, a gay nightclub in the heart of Orlando, as some 320 people enjoy the club’s “Latin flavor” event. At 10:15 a.m. ET: Authorities identify the Orlando nightclub shooter as Omar Saddiqui Mateen from Fort Pierce, Florida, at a news conference. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer updates the death toll to 50, with 53 others wounded.

Our analysis of this event is that it was a terrorist attack conducted by a lone wolf individual with extremist beliefs. We see this attack as the first of a series that has left the world in a state of disbelief. ISIS taking credit for this attack as the terrorist called local police dispatch stating he was doing it in the name of the group. Orlando is being called the largest massacre in US History, but this is disputed by members of the press and others. We simply believe it was a horrific attack and a sign of a dangerous and globally present enemy to civility and our country.

Britain Leaves the European Union [06.23.16] – An EU Referendum vote that took place in the United Kingdom determined that the kingdom is leaving the European Union. The decision came as a surprise to both sides as a victory on the #Brexit side was not likely. With 70% of the populous attending the vote, it was a successful representation of the feelings in the UK about associating with the EU.

We believe that this step sets a precedent for other European Nations to leave the Union. As the 5th largest global economic power, the UK has taken a bold move which is forcing leaders to wake up. This event is very much a reality check for the world, and the recent terrorist attacks as well as the ones that followed the #Brexit are a testament to the unstable and turbulent times facing Prime Ministers and Presidents.

Istanbul Airport Turkey Terrorist Attack [07.06.16] – CNN reports a total of 36 dead and 147 wounded after bomb strapped terrorists detonated themselves in one of the most traveled international airports. The attack was conducted by individuals who identified as ISIS conspirators and sympathizers. This attack followed a call for lone wolf strikes on western nations across the globe.

Our analysis is that this terrorist attack was promoted and empowered by the recent events in Orlando. We believe that the significance of this event has created a tense fear across Europe. Security assets need to be improved or these situations will continue to happen without control. The entire Euro Zone economic region will suffer losses from a slowing tourism industry, and the global fear of trans-national terrorism, as well as domestic homegrown attacks.

Alton Sterling Shooting [07.05.16] – Police responded to a 911 call from a homeless man. The homeless individual stated that Sterling was selling DVD’s. The homeless man proceeded to try and ask for money from Sterling, to which Sterling reacted by brandishing his handgun. Upon the arrival of Police Officers, an individual captured events which lead to the death of Alton Sterling. The new evidence released from the 911 dispatch call helps clarify a picture of violence that was originally seen as an act of police brutality. Black lives matter hosted protests in states all over, one such protest happened in Dallas Texas.

We see the Sterling shooting footage and the BLM movement as a group seeking activism and reform in local Police Departments. The unfortunate truth is that as more evidence arises, the case in support of Alton Sterling begins to fall apart, even as #BlackLivesMatter continues to assume a strong narrative. While we believe reform is a good thing, and the purpose of fixing problems in law enforcement are beneficial, we do not believe violence is ever an answer. As Police departments require reform, so too the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  This is our analysis and we encourage our readers to form their own opinions on these events.We believe the facts paint a true picture, and everything needs to checked and double checked before we jump to conclusions. Truth in journalism is hard to find.

FBI Suggests No Criminal Charges Against Hillary  [07.05.16] – The FBI Director attended a press conference in which he informed the public that the agency completed its investigation on Hillary Clinton. The conclusion of the investigation was that no charges should be brought against Mrs. Clinton. Pundits suggest that this statement will support Clinton and her bid for the presidency. While no charges were initiated, the FBI Director stated that she was “Extremely Careless” with confidential information. It’s difficult to foresee the impact of this, and the Director as well as the agency were later cross examined by Congress. The US State Department also reopened a previously closed investigation into Mrs. Clinton.

We see this event as detrimental to the Clinton camp. An FBI statement condemning her ability to protect sensitive information followed by the reopening of an internal investigation by the US State Department is only hurting her claim of integrity as a candidate for office. We seek the truth in all circumstances, and the 2016 election remains a divisive and polarizing situation for all parties. Hillary Clinton’s integrity is being questioned, and we will continue to provide our subscribers with the truth.

Sniper Kills 5 Dallas Police Officers [07.07.16] – As a protest occurred in Dallas by the #BlackLivesMatter group on July 7th. At 8:58PM CT, 5 officers were systematically assassinated by a sniper in an adjacent building. The protestors were being escorted by the police officers who were shot. The killer named Micha Xavior Johnson shot and killed 5 police officers. The suspects motives were identified as “Killing white officers”. The individual was involved in the military but had no technical training on the use of snipers. Suspect was killed by the use of a robot with explosive C4 attached. The investigation is still underway as the country continues to mourn this situation as an attack on legitimate and genuine police officers seeking to protect their community.

We see this attack as an example of brewing division and hatred within the United States. While race based violence may be lower today than it was in the past, racism continues to occur on all sides. The death of 5 police officers who were doing their best to ensure the safety of those protesting police brutality should be a testament to true public service. Our hearts and prayers are with the families of the 5 officers killed. While we do acknowledge that Police brutality is a problem that requires immediate reform, we believe that our respect and honor should be directed to the officers during this time of mourning. We can remember each individual as things occur. Once again, we encourage our readers to form their own opinions.

Terrorist Attack in Nice France [07.14.16] – In the late hours of July 14th, French citizens and tourists alike were gathered in Nice France to celebrate “Bastille Day”. As celebrations began to occur, a large semi truck drove through a massive crowd killing dozens. The driver of the truck also opened fire on the crowd as the death count rose to 84. This attack marked the 3rd in a wave of terrorism that is afflicting the entire European region. France is looking to extend its state of emergency to 3 more months, and is desperately looking for security measures to ensure the safety of its people as fear grows. The Prime Minister of France identified the attack as a radical extremist islamic attack by a sympathizer with ISIS.

Once again, we see this as the escalation of global terror in areas that we expect civility and peace to exist. Nice France is a common tourist attraction, and a small Mediterranean town known for its charm. This act is one of complete disregard to humanity, and is a threat to the world. We believe that the US led coalition against ISIS needs to be bolstered by more member nations and stronger resolve to eliminate and destroy the threat to civility. France has only grown in its resolve to stop terror, and it will continue to take strategic steps to ensure the safety of those within its borders. Approaching this from a political perspective, this attack is further dividing the opinion on refugees in Europe. The UK #Brexit may hold much more weight after these events than it did before.

Turkey Undergoes Massive Military Coup Attempt  [07.16.16] – The Turkish government is attempting to maintain power as a military takeover by the  nations various armed forces has taken place. The situation is still fluid and many deaths have been reported. The US State Department informed US Citizens abroad that Martial Law was implemented as well as a strict curfew. The democratically elected government claims to have stopped the attempt, but various skirmishes continue to occur.

This situation shows an escalation of global tension. Turkey being a strong european nation with a bustling economy and a strong tourism industry is undergoing something not seen since the 1980’s. Internally there are reports of radical islamic sentiments driving division and greater instability within the elected officials. If those in power are divided, it will be difficult to fight off a military takeover with only police forces. We will continue to monitor the situation. While President Erdogan believes he has assumed control, things are still fluid and military forces remain divided.

Shooter Kills 3 Police Officers In Louisiana  [07.17.17] – NBC Reports 3 officers killed in an ambush attack. The attack by Gavin Long in Baton Rouge Louisiana took place on Sunday. This situation remains active, and the latest report by Baton Rouge PD states that there is an ongoing investigation and there is no longer an “Active Shooter”. President Obama responded to this by stating that “There is no justification for violence against law enforcement, none.” We are monitoring this situation and will provide more details/

Just 10 days after Dallas, this attack is a direct representation of the horrible situation our country is in. Violence needs to end, period.


Our final thoughts are that over the course of 33 days, the entire world has experienced some of the most horrific terrorism, division, death, and turbulence in 2016. We promise to provide our subscribers with the best news content, eyewitness reporting, and analysis on the things happening both locally and abroad. It is in these times that we need the truth more than anything. #SummitPressOC #Dispatch1





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