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RNC Convention Analysis – Trump


Americans are now faced with two options in the 2016 election.(as of now Gary Johnson does not have the necessary 15%)  Summit Press will attempt to surpass the media twisting of reality and adjusted reporting to give the truth instead. We want our readers to know the facts, and make the best decision for themselves without having to hear a fake “Focus Group”, or political analysts that only knows one perspective to describe a candidate. We bring you the most noteworthy occurances without an emotional attachment. Additionally we have an analysis from our neutral perspective.

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland Ohio took place this week. Donald J. Trump was nominated as the official candidate of the GOP for President. The convention was filled with activities, entertainment, and a list of speakers that were motivated to capitalize on the stance that Trump has propagated throughout his campaign.

Rather than divulging into details of each day and specifics, we wanted to provide our subscribers with the facts and information that was most noteworthy.

  • Colorado Delegates leave convention floor due to distaste and lack of a roll call vote.
  • Trump family members provide insightful speeches on their father.
  • Trump introduces his daughter in a stage show that was quite unique.
  • Previous New York mayor endorses Donald Trump.
  • Mike Pence officially nominated for Vice President.
  • Donald J. Trump Officially nominated for President.
  • Trump provides acceptance speech that proves to be more central and presidential.

 Trump delivered a speech that captivated the audience, using new tools at his disposal. We see the acceptance speech as one of a much more toned down but still determined Donald. The speech used statistical facts, personal experiences, work experiences, and other less emotionally driven resources to try and squelch the predisposed opinions on his candidacy. We noticed the striking identification with the LGBTQ community, whom Trump claims will fight for. We also noticed a shift in word use to apply to a broader audience on policy solutions. Trump chose not to explicitly categorize muslims in his speech about immigration, but rather spoke on tensions around the globe and the necessity to remain vigilant and careful. He emphasized a “temporary suspension” of immigration from specific war torn regions that are breeding grounds for terrorism. Trump also openly criticized Hillary trump without the use of the words “Crooked Hillary”, something that he is known for.  Trump also touched on the economy and how it was fundamental to get rid of corrupt laws that provide corporations the ability to make profit from offshore jobs. He attacked the TPP, and other treaties that many populist supporters of Bernie Sanders would also criticize, and he said he would collect some voters from Bernie. The speech was unique as it changed to a much more central perspective that was whole heartedly anti establishment. He painted Hillary as a member of the corrupt elite in Washington without his standard slurs. We encourage our subscribers to watch the entire speech without media bias to form their own opinions.

Our analysis would indicate that Mr. Trump’s popularity and support range is currently at the same if not slightly above that of Hillary. We believe the current state of the country, coupled with international terrorism, a failing economy, and an uncertain future have paved the way for a candidate like Trump to rise to power. Along with recent FBI statements in regards to Hillary’s “Extremely Careless” handling  of government emails, we believe that the 2016 election will be a very close race.

At summit press we like to analyze the election and provide our readers with a current anticipated state of support for both candidates, as well as a predictive winner on each article we create. Keep in mind these predictions are solely based on what we see, and believe to be a trend in the american populous. This is not a scientific study nor should it be treated as a scientific poll, just a prediction from our perspective.

As of July 21st, 2016, We believe Donald J. Trump leads Hillary Clinton by a small margin. This prediction is based on the current state of the Clinton camp, as well as the shift in narrative from Trump in tonights speech. Thanks to increasing global pressures and terror, people are moving towards a candidate who will sell safety. We anticipate our prediction may change following the Democratic National Convention, which we will provide analysis once complete.

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