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Clinton In Laguna Beach California


Photo Credit – Laguna Beach Independent

The presidential candidate for the democratic party was in California today. Hillary Clinton was looking to secure high level donations from one of Orange County’s more progressive cities. Laguna Beach was her choice location, and she came here to provide her donors with an extravagant lunch at the Montage Laguna. At about $33,400 per plate, the lunch was a VIP/millionaire only event.

While Clinton came into town with an idea that she would garter more support from residents in this community, the reality is that things seem to be quite different. While the town may be more progressive, Clinton is still going to be hard pressed to convince one of the most conservative sectors of California to donate and support her.

We want our readers to make their own opinions for themselves. As we wrote this article, we noticed Laguna Beach residents commenting on the stunews post about the Clintons visit. Many residents saw it as a nuisance, mainly because the event was such a hush hush, low profile meeting. Others praised the visit, but the commentators remained divided on the situation.

According to research done by, a thinktank dedicated to government transparency, Hillary has received millions from private corporations like Seban Capital Group and others. Trump has also started to receive funds which can be found on the OpenSecrets website, but the ratio is smaller than that of Clinton. The idea that candidates are not bought out by the highest bidder is a blatant misnomer in todays political landscape.

The question that remains is whether or not money can buy elections? We will continue to provide our readers with updates and information about local political happenings, and when candidates visit our county. Stay Tuned, Stay Informed, And follow us on Facebook!





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