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The Death of Journalism And Who We Are


People all over the country are desperately seeking the facts in clouds of lies. Journalism is coming to a bitter end, where reporters are being told they cost too much. The news is filled with images that attract viewers and produce ad revenue rather than provide legitimate information and accurate reporting. Bias runs rampant throughout media agencies across the board. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and much more choose to give up real reporting for positive reinforcement reporting. These agencies cater to one side of the argument while ignoring or bashing the other.

At Summit Press OC, we are sick and tired of dealing with the crappy news on a daily basis. It’s time that individuals stand up for the roots of journalism. We don’t believe reporting is a beautiful act or a crowd pleaser. In many cases, journalism can offend and challenge people more than inspire happiness. So all this to say, we’ve decided that our independent media outlet will be going entirely nonprofit. We will seek no financial reimbursement, and will only seek to give our readers the truth.

At what point will people give up on the media you may be wondering. The answer is that it’s already happening. Print publications are disappearing across the nation, and it is much easier to find a cat video than an analysis on Black Lives Matter, or national security. It’s time we as a generation, stand up for the “Free Press”.

We are journalists, we live to report the facts, to find the truth, and to seek integrity. Summit Press will continue to fight for the truth, and we hope you’ll join us in this fight.

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