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CHARLOTTE – State Of Emergency


[BREAKING NEWS] Riots and looting have occurred in Charlotte North Carolina. The State’s Governor has declared an official state of emergency.

The riots may have been sparked by aerial footage of an officer involved shooting showing a man shot by police. Reports now indicate that the suspect approached a vehicle to grab a weapon which has been collected as evidence, officers responded with gunfire resulting in the suspects death.

The situation remains controversial as the facts slowly begin to appear. Protestors took to the streets to show their discontent with what has been percieved as police brutality. Various activist groups and individuals from Black Lives Matter began a protest earlier in the day near a hotel. The calm situation quickly unraveled as protestors approached police units blocking an intersection that responded to aggresive actions with crowd control such as rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash bangs. Protestors reacted further with throwing debris and launching fireworks at the officers. The US National Guard has been deployed to deal with the riot situation.

Individuals have looted several establishments and one person has been shot. The individual was “gravely injured”. The situation remains fluid and law enforcement personnel are working to restore order. A woman was heard yelling “Stop!” As looters approached a local convenience store.

According to Reuters News

“Protesters smashed windows and glass doors at a nearby Hyatt hotel, whose manager told Reuters that two employees were punched. The slogan “Black Lives Matter” was spray-painted on windows.”

Law enforcement has informed reporters that they have been patient but the crowd has “become aggressive”. Various livestreams are available to those interested on twitter. We will be keeping tabs on this situation as it develops further, and hope for a quick resolution. Protests like these are not unlike those that have occured in Ferguson and throughout the country after assumed police brutality.


Summit Press will continue to cover this and other breaking news events as they happen. Please stay tuned, and any subscribers in this region are encouraged to find shelter or leave the immediate area.






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