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Silencing The Press – Signature Series

The United States Constitution protects journalists from censorship. While those protections remain fundamental to maintaining the public informed, censorship is taking new forms. Mainstream media outlets are becoming monopolistic entities that have ultimate control on how the news is shown to the general public. Freelance and alternative journalists are many times denied entry to newsworthy events due to lack of notoriety and not being affiliated with a major publication.

TRONC, a media conglomorate has now swallowed up many of the country’s print publications and is “Funneling Information”. Various small print sources are now falling apart due to lack of funding and a public that no longer depends on print publication for its information.

The onset of twitter has created an abundance of information that essentially allows anyone to be an eyewitness to newsworthy content. Instant information poses a serious challenge to journalists because it places immense pressure to publish content within seconds. While this relatively new form of communication has slowly caused print journalists to lose their appeal, it is also opening the doors to other forms of journalism.

This website itself was created through WordPress, a software that allows freelance journalists and writers to publish their content with little to no collateral cost. The Independent Journal Review, Breitbart, and many others are entirely based online and provide readers with instant news reporting and political analysis.

With all these new advancements, it would be expected that journalism would be on the rise, but the truth is quite the opposite. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Journalism is on a 9% decline. Agencies are reconciling and reducing staff to cut costs. In one event captured by John Oliver, a journalist was essentially told that content needed to be created so they “Could Afford Her”. The man speaking alluded to having puppies and social content in order to afford reporting on significant issues like ISIS and middle east conflicts.

So why is journalism on the downturn? People are losing trust in the news. CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and other major television and some internet publications rely on content confirmation reporting. These news entities rely on a political narrative that backs up either a liberal or a conservative viewpoint. The facts are never simply given at face value, they are twisted and skewed to promote a political viewpoint.

The free press and alternate media is never given the same place as those in mainstream media. Whether the event is an active protest or an ongoing emergency, the primary sources retain their control over reporting. Our success as an alternative media source depends on subscribers and followers that prefer objectivism and content that allows users to form their own ideas, or feel challenged by both sides.

The words “Fair And Balanced” are far from the truth in mainstream media, but at Summit Press, they are key to our objective. We want you to question and think for yourself, empowering individuals through the spreading of information has been the goal of journalism in the past and we hope to accomplish that as well.

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