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2016 Debate #1 – Summit Analysis

2016-debate-1An estimated 100 million viewers watched tonights presidential debate. The conclusion? Two candidates with very different views on the future of this country are on a crash course with the finish line being the white house.

Clinton and Trump appeared on stage with a cordial greeting and a hopeful beginning to an actual issue based debate. This was not the case, as immediately following the first few questions about job creation, Clinton and Trump began a back and forth that was anything but professional.

Clinton answered the first question with what any observer could see as scripted and well organized speak that exhibited her political experience.  Clinton alluded to “having the wealthy pay their fair share,” and focused on higher taxes for the upper class.

Trump reacted to the first question stating that the biggest issue is “fleeting jobs”, and that his plan will “cut taxes tremendously from 35% to 15% for companies, small and big business.”

The questions transitioned into trade policy, and Trump condemned Hillary on her support of NAFTA, which she recently changed stance on. Critics state this was due to backlash from the Bernie Sanders camp criticizing the trade deal.

You can find the full transcript here.

Trump and Clinton continued to spar throughout the night, answering questions and dealing blows to each other. Clinton stated Trump has “Trump-Down Economics”, and “The Trump Loophole”, essentially an attempt to replicate Trump’s well known “Crooked Hillary” lines.

When the topic of cyber security came up, Trump chose not to take advantage of Clinton’s cyber security failure with email servers. Many observers say gave an advantage to Clinton.

So the ultimate question is who won after the various questions and attacks? The answer is Hillary & Trump, but most definitely not the American people.

The debate proved to be an ineffective and non-substance based questionnaire that essentially proved both candidates are not a good representation of the people in this nation.

Trump is capitalizing on populist ideals that are polarizing the nation, and his answers for policy solutions could cause negative repercussions on the future of this country. He is building a campaign based on an upset and frustrated America, and using this sentiment to drive his campaign. The future is uncertain under a Trump presidency, and the debate proved to be Trumps training ground for debating one on one, as he has not had experience in this before.

Clinton chose to capitalize on various issues that would bolster her support. Her recent controversy with national security and cybersecurity were not touched on during the discussion. She supported her policy statements and reacted to Trump’s aggressive rhetoric with calm and collected rhetoric. Her trustworthiness as a candidate is still a serious question. Her foreign policy solutions remain dependent on an Obama administration that has been widely considered detrimental by critics.

The worst part of this debate was that it forced Americans into a very uncomfortable position. Deciding between two candidates that are not the countries brightest and strongest minds is no simple task. It’s no wonder polls show both candidates in a statistical tie, they’re equally horrible.

 With whatever happens in this 2016 election cycle, we will provide you with analysis on the issues that matter most.

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