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Protests In El Cajon – A Summit Dispatch


After the video release of the death of Alfred Olango, protestors took to the streets of El Cajon, California. Saturday’s events included a memorial service for Olango and a street protest.

From pastors to imams, leaders and members of the community discussed the police shooting of Alfred Olango. Demonstrators brought signs denouncing police brutality.

One demonstrator’s sign read, “White Silence=Violence.” Other demonstrators held similar signs and pictures of Alfred Olango. When the service concluded, community leaders and demonstrators walked the streets of El Cajon. The peaceful protest included chants of Olango’s name and “No justice, no peace” chants.

Police officers guided the demonstrators through the streets of El Cajon.

On Saturday, no arrests or injuries occurred during the protest. The demonstrators and community leaders decided to end their march at City Hall.

Around 200 demonstrators congregated with community leaders on the steps of City Hall. The community leaders introduced Alfred Olango’s father to speak in front of demonstrators and media members. He pleaded for the community to fight for his son. The father of the 38-year-old Ugandan refugee spoke out against Officer Gonzalez, stating the following.

“When Gonzalez pulled the trigger on my son, he called for war on humanity,”.

– Alfred Olango’s father

The rally at City Hall concluded with several speeches from community members. After the rally at City Hall, no events took place in El Cajon.

No press conferences were given on Saturday. Also, the police station was closed throughout the day. A march was scheduled in downtown San Diego later that day. The Black and Blue United organization scheduled a march for 3 p.m. on Saturday.

I had the opportunity to capture footage of the protests which can be seen below.


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