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VP Debate Analysis – A Stark Contrast


On Tuesday October 4th, Vice Presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence debated the issues that are most important to the future of the country.

Both candidates came prepared with their best policy answers and responses to questions ranging from the Syrian conflict to the national debt crisis.

Tim Kaine came out swinging with aggressive statements that churned up many of Trump’s worst aspects. Mike Pence reacted with calm and collectedness, focusing in on issues as opposed to defending Donald Trumps statements.

There were several heated discussions in which both candidates spoke over each other in an attempt to protect the reputation of their running mates, but from our analysis they both failed to do so.

Kaine used the toolbox of slurs and terms that Trump himself has laid out, and Pence stayed on topic while utilizing a speaking strategy that may have given him the edge.

Feel free to participate in the Hoover Institutions twitter poll, and see the results yourself according to those who responded. (This poll is not a representation of the nation as a whole, and is dependent on those who responded to this individual questionnaire.)

Both Kaine and Pence agreed on several occasions throughout the debate, and exhibited a level of professionalism that could be argued as more presidential than the actual presidential candidates themselves.

People were watching two genuine people who want to improve the nation. They heard a back and forth about different answers to serious issues, and while it was not as controlled as it could’ve been, neither candidate resorted to personal attacks on each other.

Pence emphasized the attack style of the Clinton camp, and yet Trump made several twitter posts that were clear attacks on Clinton.

And the question of Clinton attacking Donald Trump? Clinton attacked Mike Pence in an unprecedented manner that was entirely disconnected with the theme during the debate. The respect, and mutual acknowledgment of good intentions made by Kaine and Pence are absent from Clinton.

Where is Clinton’s attempt to work “Across the Aisle” here?

So what’s the conclusion of the debate? The conclusion is that both vice presidential candidates showed restraint and professionalism that is absent in the presidential race.

“It should be noted that Tim Kaine not once targeted Mike Pence on a personal level, and personal attacks were off the table during the entire debate.”

“It’s clear that their running mates don’t hold the same standards.”

The nation is being split beyond belief, and both presidential candidates are demonstrating rhetoric that has caused widespread chaos and splintering. From riots in Charlotte to terrorism in Orlando, this nation is in dire need of leadership and neither of the leading candidates for President are exhibiting the traits necessary to lead.

We will continue to cover the stories as they happen, the truth will always be first, and we hope to give our subscribers an alternative analysis that exhibits the actual sentiment of the people in this country.

This analysis is brought to you by Summit’s Editor-In-Chief      


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