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The Syrian Conflict – A Proxy War


Since the onset of Operation Inherent Resolve, the United States and it’s various coalition partners have fought to reduce the strength of ISIS in the regions surrounding Syria and in Iraq. While the official intention of Inherent Resolve is to stop ISIS, a different narrative is playing out in the region. US interests in the region are causing a geopolitical proxy war that could bring a doomsday closer to reality.

Regime change foreign policy is currently being conducted by the United States through tactics that the American people may not even be aware of. According to Max Blumenthal with Alternet, a group known as “The Syria Campaign” has been changing public opinion about Bashar Al-Assad’s regime in the USA. The organization utilizes existing “progressive ideals” in connection to human rights violations to justify military expansion in Syria. Utilizing contextual evidence and these rights violations, the group pushes for an ousting of the leader as a priority in foreign policy. The article states that the US military would have to deploy over 70,000 service members to enforce a no-fly zone in Syria.

With the upcoming 2016 election, many believe Russia has been directly involved in influencing US politics through alleged hacking. Hillary Clinton continues to hold a strong foreign policy stance against Russia, that could potentially lead to a higher likelihood of conflict. According to Clinton’s website,”She’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with our European allies and push back on and deter Russian aggression in Europe and beyond, and increase the costs to Putin for his actions.” Political pundits call her a “War Hawk” for these statements, and her opponent may be just as quick triggered as she is.

Over the past few days, the world has experienced growing tensions. While US citizens are preoccupied with an election thats more like a reality show, the situation in Syria is unraveling quickly. According to the D-brief by Defense One authors Ben Watson and Bradley Penston, Russia has enacted air defense measures in the event that an airstrike or missile is detected. The US Air Force has dropped 2 dummy nuclear bombs in the Nevada Desert as a show of force to would be aggressors.

The US State Department has cut all bilateral channels with Russia.

Reuters reports that Russia has moved nuclear-capable missile systems to Kalingrad, which further escalates tensions due to its closeness to Poland. As many may recall, the Russian Federation has taken territory in Crimea, and continues to defend the Bashar Al-Assad regime.

Vice News released a documentary covering the conflict. In addition to this film, a live map of the changing situation in Syria can be found here.


So what does this mean for the world at large? The biggest implication is that a lack leadership in the United States is empowering nations and allowing independent groups to promote interventionist policies. These policies undermine the American people.

The 2016 election will have massive implications on the world abroad, and as the world stands today, a full scale multi faceted war is on the verge of occurring.

Syria is a microcosm of global tensions, and is a proxy war for the actual geopolitical conflict occurring. The US and its allies are reforming defense zones and strategies that date back to the cold war, all while Russia and China expand their control.

While Syria may appear in mainstream media to be about ISIS/Da’esh, the truth is that an underground cold war is brewing, and the world needs leadership today more than ever.

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