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Green Party Continues to Campaign


In the 2012 election, Green party nominee Jill Stein received the largest amount of votes a woman has ever received in a presidential election. Although she did not win the election, she was not at all discouraged to run again in the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Gary Johnson.

Although a Green party candidate has never won the presidency, Stein is very hopeful and aspires to help the youth of America. I had the opportunity to speak with her regarding the possibility of a presidential administration run by one of her opponents. She feels that Hillary and Trump are not representing American youth, and said, “it seems like they don’t really know that we have a younger generation, because the younger generation has disappeared in the dialogue and in the agendas of the Trump campaign and the Hillary campaign. When Bernie Sanders was in the race, Hillary was forced to talk about the cost of college and said a few things back then about making the loans maybe a little more affordable, but not really solving the problem and we haven’t heard about it since Bernie is out of the picture.” Stein is pushing for education as a right for college students, and hopes to remove the costs of universities entirely, which is very similar to ex- candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Sanders actually shares a number of political values with Stein. However, they disagree on domestic policies, and Stein strongly opposes the two-party system. Despite accusations that her campaign is merely splitting the vote amongst Hillary supporters, Stein does not feel threatened and claims that if every student in the United States voted for her, she would win the election. Stein does not believe the option for liberals is limited to Clinton and said, “Hillary Clinton is not the solution, in fact, the rise of Donald Trump comes out of misery that in fact grew very much out of the policies of the Clintons. This isn’t just a problem of Republicans, it’s also a crisis created by Democrats. The American people are declaring their independence, their desire for a new and independent political party. Don’t be intimidated by the fear campaign.”


Photo Credit Tamara Attia

When Stein ran for president in 2012, she campaigned with the same ideas that she currently advocates for. Stein does not think voting for Clinton is secure for Americans, and said, “we’ve seen Hillary Clinton change her positions many times. Hillary has a track record, unfortunately. She helped to dismantle aid for families and children. The basic safety net for poor families and kids. She and Bill passed, with her support, NAFTA, which sent our jobs overseas, wall street deregulations that laid the groundwork for the claps of our economy and the loss of good jobs and they also opened the floodgates to mass incarceration for people of color with their criminal reform bill of the 1990’s. It’ s important, don’t be fooled by the talk, it’s important to look at the walk.” There are events being held across California for Stein in California that will take place as we get closer to the election on November 8th.

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