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America – A Nation Divided


The United States was founded on the ideas of freedom, democracy, ethics, and strength. As a nation, we’ve fought through a civil war, abolished slavery, and brought peace to the world following WWII. Our flag stood strong against all odds. We unified following the horrific terror attacked of 9/11. We’ve sent over 2.5 billion dollars in emergency and developmental food assistance to the poorest corners of the world in 2015 alone.

With all these great accomplishments, we  now face a greater divide than any  point in our history besides the civil war. In 2016, the Chicago Cubs won the world series, an event that hasn’t happened in 108 years. This brief moment, was a day where the country set its differences aside and cheered “Go Cubs Go!” We all laughed and smiled together. The following days and weeks, our nation drifted back to its divided politics and fractured ways.

We were once a people who set aside our differences to promote the greater good and success of our country. Lincoln once said “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”. We are a house divided, and our country is in dire need of a unifier.

Donald Trump has claimed to be a unifier for the nation, but his antics and statements during the campaign trail have only done the opposite. It is with great hope that I pray for a miracle in this country. Polarization has occurred due to the stark differences in ideology that this nation has, and while some division is good and serves a purpose, this is not what the founders intended.

Partisan groups originally acted as a check on each other. Now, we are all forgetting the fact that this nation is still one country, and our political differences do not define us. The left has taken up a globalist ideology, an ideology that is not representative of the original democratic party.

Globalism is not American, it revokes identity, and polarizes politics. The left has chosen to attack patriotism as far-right extremism. It relies on exaggeration and false accusations to support an agenda. Patriotism was never a partisan issue, it has always been something that we all believe in. Globalism was only recently introduced into the American political system.

America is divided not only because of political differences, but because one side has chosen to disregard the ideas of our founders for a global society. The evolution of the Monroe Doctrine is alive and well today, and its beliefs stand that nations remain within their perspective hemispheres.

A global society exists, but that does not mean that we throw our culture and identity away. America has always supported the minds, ideas and perspectives of other cultures. We take in the best from others, and educate immigrants on the importance of Freedom, and the beliefs that our founders had.

The left has taken up arms against patriotism, and therefore challenges the very existence of the USA. Not until the left revises its stance on amnesty, and disintegration of national sovereignty will we be able to find some common ground.



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