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The World At Large – Dispatch #2



2016 was a year that many will remember for the atrocities and massive loss of life that occurred. For some, it was a year that will be remembered as a great loss, while others saw it as a victory. As we approach the end of 2016, summit press wanted to provide our subscribers with an update on our journalism work here at home. In addition, we wanted to touch on the challenges facing the world at large.

In 2016, Summit Press had the opportunity to interview presidential candidate Jill Stein, provide eye-witness footage of brush fires in OC, and be on the receiving end of protests at a Trump rally. We’ve commented on world events from our unique perspective, and added real content to your newsfeed. In 2017, we are hoping to expand our team and reporting coverage to outside Orange County. Here’s a look at some of the major developments in 2016.

Top 9 World Events

  1. Iran and Arab nations cut diplomatic ties, ambassadors are recalled. (01/01/16) 
  2. North Korea Claimed Successful Hydrogen Bomb Test. (01/05/16)
  3. Zika Virus Spreads Throughout America. (01/20/16)
  4. Britan Leaves The European Union. (06/24/16)
  5. Military Coup Fails In Turkey. (07/16/16)
  6. An Unprecedented Series Of Terror Attacks Hit Europe. (01/01-12/31/16)
  7. Donald Trump Elected As President (11/08/16)
  8. Russian Ambassador To Turkey Assassinated (12/19/16)
  9. Germany Christmas Terror Attack (12/19/16)

The year was filled with mixed emotions and a foreign policy that has clearly left the world shell-shocked. ISIL has continued to spread its psychological warfare throughout the globe. Multiple terror attacks have taken place within the developed world, and Syria has seen one of the bloodiest massacre of civilians in decades.

Our Analysis

Global instability has grown out of a vacuum that was left in the middle east following a “pull-out” done by the Obama administration. While this occurred due to a failing foreign policy, Obama is not to blame for the growing instability pouring over into the rest of the world. The Bush legacy set precedent for American interventionism in the middle east, following 9/11. Ultimately, our analysis leads us to believe that the primary factor behind the growing uncertainty abroad is simply time. As time has passed, not only has ISIL become savage in their terrorism, nations are flexing their military muscle. China has taken a strong step towards militarization of the south china sea. New man-made islands are emerging proving a serious threat to neighboring countries like Japan. Time is what allowed these nations to grow in their national egos and their economic prowess.

Donald Trump and Brexit occurred due to a frustrated populous. These victories prove a massive blow to the progressive ideology that assumes globalism over nationalism. We see this rise occurring due to fear. A fear based on legitimate concerns for national security, progressives have yet to realize that globalized sovereignty remains an ideological aspiration as opposed to reality. Trump and Brexit took advantage of circumstances that sowed the seeds of nationalism.

Division in America is also expanded by a divisive political system in which both parties capitalize on their voter base as opposed to finding bipartisan answers. American millennials are choosing to identify as moderate independents more than either party. While voter turnout for millennials in 2016 was less than the national average, more identified with third party candidates this year than in 2012 or 2008. While America’s older generations are finding themselves increasingly polarized, younger Americans are starting to identify as independent issue-specific voters.

In conclusion, we see 2016 as a year which will shape the future of the world in several massive ways. The impending geopolitical conflicts, power struggles, and division will remain in headlines. With the onset of “Fake News“, we will be doing our best to provide subscribers with content based, truth-seeking journalism. The partisan biases seen throughout mainstream media have shown their true colors following this election. At summit press, we want our subscribers to form their own opinions.


An informed fact based voter will make the best decisions for our future, and facts have no filter. Join us in 2017 as we pursue journalism as it was meant to be.


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