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The Dangers of The Israel UN Resolution


The United Nations Security Council successfully passed a resolution condemning Israeli settlement in territory held since 1967. Security Council Resolution 2334, may not only backfire on progress made through bilateral peace talks, but could lead to conflict escalations.

This resolution places forceful demands on the Israeli government. It calls for an immediate cease in settlements of all “occupied Palestinian” regions, and places demands on East Jerusalem, which holds massive significance to the jewish religion. Observing this resolution from an outside perspective, and maintaining a journalistic unbiased perspective, we see this resolution as mutually destructive to both the people of Palestine and those of Israel. This resolution clearly ostracizes the government of Israel on the world stage, and empowers the Palestinian minority. Hamas, may find itself strengthened by this resolution, as it potentially allows them to retain an international legal basis for retaliation to IDF forces. The resolution could also be interpreted to de-legitimize all Israeli military activity in the region, allowing foreign entities to charge Israel with war crimes due to their occupation of areas in violation of resolution 2334.

By bypassing bilateral peace talks, the UN assumes an unprecedented step that will undoubtedly push Israel to assert independent authority, and increase the likelihood of an uncontrolled conflict. Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu openly condemned the resolution, and has taken the first steps in cutting diplomatic ties to nations that supported it. Within a few days, the PM’s office cut Israeli support to Senegal, and released a stone-wall statement to the world.

Hamas responded with support of the resolution, a clear indication of their strengthened movement, and a newly acquired legitimacy on the world stage.

We anticipate the Israeli response to be far greater than cutting diplomatic ties to partner nations.  With an incoming Trump presidency, Netanyahu is mutually empowered, and the fuse of conflict has been lit. Successful diplomacy allows for compromises in which both groups come out of negotiations a bit disgruntled. The guilt and responsibility of bloodshed may be on the hands of both Israel and Palestine, but President Obama and the future Trump administration are now directly responsible for an escalation by either side.

Peace in the Israeli-Palestenian region has been pushed back with this resolution, and it will most likely result in greater human rights violations in the region. Whether those violations come from Israel or Palestine is a matter of what side you are on, and eyewitness journalism in this region is often faced with severe limitations. Terrorism may also be on a rise, as radicalization and resistance groups feel a greater sense of legitimacy. While the Obama administration decided to abstain, the Israeli PM is now claiming he has legitimate evidence that Obama organized and ensured the resolutions success. The final weeks of Obama’s presidency are proving to be more substantive than pundits had predicted. The question of whether these actions are a testament to Obama’s failing foreign policy, or to a greater moral quest for peace remains. There will always be spin, but we believe the facts surrounding the UN resolution prove to be enough evidence to support a claim that its passing will only hamper the peace process.

We will continue to cover this story, and bring you the news as it happens. While we encourage our viewers to form their own opinions, we do wish to provide an analysis that is thought provoking and encourages a response. Please support us by following our editor-in-chief on twitter, or our Facebook page.






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