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An Update On American Journalism


Following November 8th, journalism took a turn for the worst. Immediately after Donald Trumps victory, mainstream media went completely off the deep end. Pollsters who had predicted Hillary Clinton, were most likely standing in front of their tv’s, mouths wide open,  in complete shock.

The days and weeks that came here after, news anchors were in complete dismay.  CNN’s Van Jones started questioning how he would break the news to his children on live TV. The shell-shocked feeling wasn’t only in the rank and file of CNN, but was seen all across media. The anti-trump movement was by no means over, and its highjacking of journalism may be the death of fact based reporting.

In journalism, whether one likes the outcome or not, all sides should be given the benefit of the doubt. In many studies, the side that is most disliked is often given the greatest benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, these ethics are long gone in the eyes of news anchors and individuals most Americans will see on television. Major news entities have consistently sought after any shred of evidence to indict trump of heinous acts. The Los Angeles Times reported on “unverified allegations” about a conspiracy that Trump had worked with individuals in Russia from a leak that did not even come from the intelligence community.

Any allegations, especially from a ‘journalistic’ entity should be based on evidence, and reasonable suspicion. Investigations should be taken to find evidence to support a claim that can be verifiable and true. I’ve said before that I could have an allegation that Donald Trump could grow wings and fly, he could fly to the moon, but that allegation isn’t based on any facts.

When journalism starts grasping for substance when no such substance exists, it finds itself delegitimizing its own reporting. Today, people from all political perspectives are faced with an onslaught of information, not all of which can be proven. Social media and online news entities are even more deceiving as many of them have clear political narratives. AJ+, Mic, and BuzzFeed, tend to hold liberal biases while entities like Breitbart, The Daily Caller, and Heat Street, tend to have right wing bias. When news feeds are filled with one perspective, and people take these skewed reporters for fact, they lose sight of what is really happening.

Modern day reporting has become the equivalent of a burning pile of garbage. It’s lost the respect and trust from people who actually want to find the facts, and Americans are becoming more divided because of it. Donald Trump, as divisive he is, may not be the core driving factor behind our split nation. Social media and skewed ‘News’ is what’s destroying us.

“When two very different perspectives are force fed false information that makes them hate each other, what do you expect?”




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